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Simon’s 50th Magic Celebration at Ciao Italia Ristorante Italiano in Banstead with Sutton Epsom Magician Magic Theo

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On Tuesday 29th December Simon of Purley was celebrating his 5oth birthday party at Ciao Italia Ristorante Italiano in Banstead High Street with his brothers, sister, mum, dad and children.  His sister Katie knew he loved Magic, so she decided to hire The Surrey Close Up Champion “Theo The Magician” of Sutton & Epsom to surprize him. 

After a very friendly welcome from the owners Tony & Enzo and after eating their yummy starters “Theo The Magician” magically appeared.  Theo performed some of his award-winning magic to Simon and his wife to the gasps of his wife saying, “He’s amazing, how does he do that?” Simon’s very lively son wanted to get involved, so Theo did some special one to one magic for him, which he enjoyed. Theo did a special Magically appearing wand for Simon’s younger 8-year-old daughter to her delight.  Theo then disappeared while they all tucked into the delicious main course.  After finishing, “If by Magic” Theo appeared again to part two of his magic performance involving everyone.  Katie assisted Theo with his infamous Dangerous Mouse Trap Card Trick.  Theo had to be extra extra careful as Katie is an Osteopath and needs all her fingers.  To the shriek of Katie’s scream and the laughter of everyone the Magic went okay without any injuries.  Theo’s finally was when Simon chose a card, shuffled the cards and through the whole pack of cards up in the air, with Theo stabbing the chosen card.  Theo received roars and cheers and disappeared into the night.

By the time Theo arrived home he had received a thank you text saying “Thanks Very Much, everyone is still talking about The Magic”

If you’d like Theo The Magician to Entertain at your Party, Special Celebration or Occasion, then call him on 07711 724129 or view him at

Theo has now eaten and performed many times at Ciao Italia Ristorante Italiano in Banstead. He thoroughly recommends it.  Just click on the name to go direct to their website.


Plate Spinning Magic At Portrait’a Greek Themed Christmas Party at Shiplake College Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

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Plate Spinning Magic "I'm all in a spin"

On 17th December 2009 saw around 100 of the Portrait Software employees learn some new skills with Plate Spinning Magician Theo.  Their Christmas Party was held at The Shiplake College, Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.  It was a Greek Theme with Greek Music and Greek Food. They wanted Plate Smashing, but this wasn’t  permitted at the venue, so they got the next best thing, “A Greek Plate Spinning Magician”.   At the drinks reception Theo taught everyone how to Plate Spin.  Some were very competitive, but everyone had a good laugh at each other, which brought a fun buzz to the whole atmosphere in the room.  Dinner was then served in the Great Hall of Shiplake College. The Great Hall was like something out of Harry Potter.  It was Greek Meze all round with a Greek Band playing in the background.  In between the courses Magic Circle Magician “Theo The Magician” entertained everyone with his Award Winning Close-Up Table Magic.  After Dinner The Plate Spinning Competition Winners were announced. Richard for the boys and Linda for the girls. They were both very honoured and very pleased with their prize of a Plate Spinning Set from Theo.  As a bonus, Yarder who was also very good, received a Plate Spinning Set from Theo.  After Dinner the Greek Band turned up the Music with some different type of Greek Dancing by some of the employees. This was the time when Magic Theo disappeared into the Snowy Night of Henley-on-Thames and back home to Sutton in Surrey. 

If you are a company and would like to have a different type of Interactive Entertainment or Magical Plate Spinning, Balloon Modelling, Diabolo Workshop then, look Theo up at  

or he will be happy to talk it through with you on 07711 724129

Kingston Magic Theo Entertains The Rotary Club of Heston & Isleworth at The Cole Court Masonic Hall in Twickenham for their Christmas Party

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Last time Magic Circle member Theo The Magician entertained The Rotary Club of Heston & Isleworth was in 2006 at Their Anniversary Dinner in Kingston. Theo must of done something right then, as yesterday on 15th December 2009 he was asked back to be their sole entertainer at their Christmas Party. This was held at Cole Court Masonic Hall in Twickenham.  Food and service was exceptional. Magic Theo was asked to perform his award-winning Close Up Magic as The Rotarians and their partners arrived for their pre dinner drinks.  This automatically started a buzz of laughter and ripples of applause all around the bar area, creating a joyous atmosphere right from the word go.  Once everyone was seated, Theo went round the tables with even more spell bounding table Magic in between the courses. 

After coffee Theo, who is also a member of Equity, The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Surrey Society of Magicians, perform his Interactive Magic Cabaret Show.  This was throughly enjoyed by all.  The President gave a lovely vote of thanks to a very loud round of applause, then Theo disappeared, “Just Like That”.

If you are a Rotary Club and would like to book Theo The Magician. Go to or call him on 07711 724129

Theo is also available as a Speaker for luncheon and evening meeting, be it Rotary, Inner Wheel, Round Table, Ladies Circle, W.I, Probus, Townswomen’s Guilds, University of the Third Age etc………

Headley Court’s Children’s Christmas Party with Purley Croydon Magician Theo

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Magic Circle Magician Theo does his bit for the Army Troop's Families

Over 65 familes of our Army Troops were given a Fun Filled Interactive Magic Show by Magic Cirlce Magician Theo at Headley Court Epsom today.


Reference: Defence Medical Rehabillitation Centre Headley Court Epsom  Children’s Christmas Party 

I would like to extend my gratitude to you for the fantastic Magic Show at The Children’s Christmas Party on Sunday 13th December 2009.

Both the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed your Show and I know one parent was so impressed she has already booked you for her son’s Birthday Party in January 2010.

I am extremely grateful to you for extending your performance in the absence of “Santa”! Without you the Party would have not have been the success it clearly was. Thank you so much.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the New Year.

Yours sincerely

Vivienne Gray,

Warrant Officer (RAF),

Medical Records Officer


If you’d like Theo The Magician at your Party or Special Celebration call him on 07711 724129 or view him at

Kingswood & Tadworth Magician Theo Speaks at The Townswomen’s Malden & Coombe Morning Guild

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Theo The Magican gave a lively entertaining talk to The Townswomen’s Malden & Coombs Morning Guild. Over 50 ladies enjoyed Theo’s talk and Magic.  Theo was actually brought up in New Malden and attended Coombe Hill Junior and Infant School, then Richard Challoner.  Theo spoke how he started in Magic and became a member of  The Magic Circle , with some fun Magic.

If you are another Townswomen’s Guild or Organisation who’d like a Magical Speaker or Entertainer, then give Theo a call on 07711 724129

or look him up at:

Sutton Surrey Magic Man Theo Entertains The Epsom & Ewell University of the Third Age Christmas Party

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Coin Magic by Surrey's Sutton Magician

Popular London Surrey Magician Theo was asked back for the second year running to entertained at The Epsom & Ewell University of the Third Age Christmas Party at St Joseph’s Catholic Church Hall in Epsom.  Theo put together a new forty-five minute Cabaret Show especially for the 160 members.  Magic Theo ended his performance with a very lively audience participating card trick to the sounds of a very well know party song with everyone clapping and laughing.  Theo again, then joined the chairman at her table for a yummy lunch.

If you are an organisation who would like a lively Speaker or Entertainer feel free to call Theo The Magician on 07711 724129 or look up all that he does at