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Theo Hosts The Sutton Chamber Business Forum Speed Networking Day

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Theo with one of the local business ladies - Iva Blay - Acupuncurist

Theo with one of the local business ladies Iva Blay - Acupuncturist, attending her first Networking Day

On Friday Theo the Magician was asked to Host his “Hat-Trick”  (third) Speed Networking Day on behalf of The Sutton Chamber and Sutton Council.  Over 64 local businesses appeared at The Oaks Golf & Conference Centre in Carshalton, Surrey.   

The day kicked off with Laurence Lowne, Sutton Chamber’s Events Coordinator, informing everyone off  future Events planned by Sutton Chamber.  Theo then began with a Mind Reading Experiment with everyone.  Theo was able to predict three things everyone was thinking of to the amazement of the whole room.  It took a while for everyone to settle. Then Theo did a one to one Mind Reading Effect with Peter Hunter of Websitedivision to his astonishment.  Theo went on to tell Peter, be careful what you think about today.  Ice was now broken and everyone was  feeling relax and amused.  Theo then went straight into explaining how The Speed Networking works.  All the businesses sat on tables of eight and where given 90 seconds to tell the whole table about their business and hand out their cards (business cards, not playing cards). Theo then rang his Magic Bell and the next person did the same. Once the whole table had a go we all had a lovely buffet of tasty Prawns, meat, salad Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!! was the general feedback.  Everyone then sat at a different table and did the rounds again.  After this we had pudding of crumble, Profiteroles and fresh fruit. Some had a bit of everything, not mentioning any names.  Yes, you guessed it, we all sat at another table did the same again and finished with coffee for even more Networking.  If you attended, you would have directly spoken to at least 21 different businesses and they would have gone away with your details, not including the extra bonus hour at the end over coffee where you could have Networked with the other 43 businesses.  Everyone found it very beneficial to their business and had a thoroughly productive day in a relaxed, fun, magical atmosphere.  Don’t take my word for it, as I am emailing everyone that attended and asking them to leave their own comments externally of the day. 

Did I tell you about my Magic DVD's????????????

Did I tell you about my Magic DVD's????????????

There was a Magic Prize Draw, where everyone put their business card into Theo’s Magic Hat.  Sharon Dobbyn of Passion for the planet was asked to dive into Theo’s Magic Hat and pull out the winner, Robert Brigham of Copley Clark & Bennett’s Solicitors, who happened to be sitting next to her. He disappeared as soon as he was given his DVD.  He had a choice of Magic for Beginners or Balloon Modelling for Beginners with 2o Balloons and a Pump, which can be viewed on Theo’ s Website below. He opted for Magic for Beginners. That’s why he disappeared.

The day started with a Magic Trick and finished with a Magic Trick.  Tony Matthews of Absolute Solutions was asked to freely choose a card from a shuffled deck.  Theo then asked if he had seen the classical Card Trick of Card on Ceiling, which he replied yes. Theo then shuffled the cards again and threw the whole deck at the ceiling above Tony.  Everyone growned, as a card did hot appear on the ceiling. Theo then asked Tony to drawn back the curtain to the right of him. His card appeared stuck on the outside of the window.  I can’t print what he said, but he and everyone gave a very enthusiastic applause.  A fun way to finish the day!!!!!!!!!

Chamber Logo 1

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Martin Gill’s Magical 70th at Esporta, The Surrey Health and Racket Club

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Amazing!!! More!!! More!!!

Amazing!!! More!!! More!!!

Martin Gill of The London Gin Company was treated to a Magical 70th Birthday Bash at Esporta of Wallington by his good Tennis friends of the Tuesday Night Tennis Group, which he has been organising for the last ten years.

Martin was pleasantly surprised when walking into one of The Esporta’s Private Function Rooms. What he thought would be a little drink, to be “Surprised” by 30 of his tennis pals.  Everyone enjoyed a lovely three course meal, withTheothe Magician entertaining everyone with his Close Up Table Magic in-between the courses.

Are you the Magician???

Are you the Magician???

Martin and everyone was treated to some great great singing from a duet, a comedy song, then finishing with a Magical Cabaret by Theo.

Can you feel anything?

Can you feel anything?

It wasn't me!!! I didn't touch it!!!

It wasn't me!!! I didn't touch it!!!

IMG_1444Kari Siba and Annie Fraser sang ‘Song Bird’ by Eva Cassidy, ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston, ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia and ‘Feelings’. The two girls were just amazing, considering it was their first public performance, well rehearsed, moving and professional. They have now started singing at parties/events.  They can be contacted on 07900 033236.

 Chris Lovelace played his guitar to a folk song he’d written with very funny lyrics re all Martin’s idiosyncrasies on the tennis court. eg cleaning his glasses at a vital stage of the game and always winning the toss somehow, let alone the expletives like ‘you clown’ and ‘all action, no skill!!!!

Who are you calling a queen???

Who are you calling a queen???

That's what I call Magic!!!

That's what I call Magic!!!

 Sheila was totally amazed and shocked, in a pleasant way, that something she was wearing seemed to Disappear!!

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Heartline’s 30th Magical Celebration At The London Wetland Centre

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On Saturday 4th July 2009 at The London London Wetland Centre Heartline Celebrated it’s 30th Year of offering help and support to children with heart disorders and their families.  Heartline have been holding parties for 15 years and this was the first time they have had a Magician to entertain over 80 families in attendance. ” Theo the Magician” performed his now very popular laid back, fun, interactive Magic Show to the younger children.  Then they all disappeared to the Adventure Playground while The0 performed his Infamous Plate Spinning Workshop to the older children, Mums, Dads, helpers and Committee Members!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theo's Fun Plate Spinning Workshop

Theo has got us all in a Spin!!!

The picture Shows left of me The Plate Spinning Champion Trustee Lisa Casey and right of me the worthy Runner Up Chairman Anya Rowson. With a little help from a Tiger Beth Casey and a Zebra Tom Rowson. Lisa & Anya were both very happy to receive their Prize of a Spinning Plate Set each.  

 Chairman Anya said, “It was the first time that we have had a magician at the party and it was a great success. The kids and parents all loved the Plate Spinning. It felt like a real achievement (trustees included!!)”

HeartLine is a voluntary organisation.  As a registered charity, HeartLine is run mainly by parents of Heart Children and has an office in Surrey where a small staff handle queries, arrange family activities including weekends for teenagers, family sailing trips, caravan holidays and a summer event. They send out a magazine three times a year and co-ordinate projects including the provision of warm belly wetsuits for heart children.
If you have any fundraising ideas or able to help Heartline in anyway please contact Lorna in the office
Tel: 01276 707636

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The Rotary Club of Guildford President’s Night “Final Fling” at Guildford Golf Club with Magic Circle Entertainer Theo the Magician London Surrey Sutton Cheam

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Where did the big Jack of Clubs come from?

Where did the big Jack of Clubs come from? And what is the Queen doing on top of your head?

On Tuesday 30th June 2009, Theo the Magician performed his Magical Comedy Act to over 50 Rotarians and partners of The Guildford Rotary Club of District 1250 at The Guildford Golf Club in celebration of The Presidential Hand Over, know as The “Final Fling”.  Out going President Neil Ritchie (pictured on the left) booked Theo after being highly recommended by his wife Gill, who runs The Kew Stroke Club and had booked Theo to perform at their Christmas Party.  Incoming President Chris Blow (pictured right) was very keen to Serve the Club and carry on all the good work of Immediate Past President (IPP) with the help of the experienced members of the Guildford Rotary Club.  The new Inner Wheel Chairman was also presented.  One of Neil Richie’s last duties and most pleasurable was to present CHASE (Children’s Hospice Association South East) with a Magical cheque of £10,000.  Coincidentally Theo had raised money for CHASE last year at two events, one at Purley Bowl, Croydon and the other at a Black Tie Ball Banquet at The Croydon Park Hotel.  Another coincident was that Theo used to be in The Rotarct Club ( younger version of Rotary) and was a very active member and Past President of Kingston and District Chairman of the neighbouring District, District 1140.

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