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Theo the Magician teaches Des O’Conner and Mel Sykes how to do Plate Spinning

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Magic Circle and Equity member Theo the Magician was asked to appear on “Today with Des and Mel” to teach them both Plate Spinning.  The above hilarious video clip is the outcome.  This shows Des O’Conner and Mel Sykes in stitches and Bradley Walsh nearly breaking the studios furniture.  Have fun watching and feel free to add your comments.

From this TV appearance, Theo the Magician now teaches Magic Workshops to eight year olds and above.  Theo’s Workshops are tailored to your requirements.  For the older children the teaching of card ticks is a favourite.  When Theo goes into Corporate Companies for Motivational Fun Days, Conferences and Training Days, his Plate Spinning and Balloon Modelling Workshops are a big hit.  Companies have renamed his Workshops  “The Laughing Workshops”.

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The Alexandra Millennium Green Trust’s First Charity Event

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Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it's Magic Theo!!!!!!

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it's Magic Theo!!!!!!


 Theo The Magician performed to over 70 families attending the The Alexandra Millennium Green Trust’s First Charity Event on Sunday 21st June 2009.  The Radio Jackie Road Show provided the music. As well as having Theo The Magician there were The Night Project Brass Band, Simple Theatre Group, The Loganberries (Fidddle duo) & The Magic Bus Music. The Event is intended to allow local residents and The Royal Borough of Kingston residents to get to know the green better whilst enjoying an afternoon summer picnic. This incentive is run by a local charity which operates and maintains the Green.    

An original plan to use the site for housing development was met with a groundswell of protest from Berrylands and Tolworth residents. As a result, Alexandra Neighbours Association was formed in 1992, initially to co-ordinate views of the protesters. The housing development plan was abandoned a year later. ANA then sought to develop the site in a way that would retain the open-air environment the community has long enjoyed.  

Are you all sitting comfortably?

Are you all sitting comfortably?


The Green, however, is not municipally funded, but depends on income that the Trust is able to generate to pay for insurance cover, maintenance work and any future development programmes. The members have always responded generously with donations to the appeals for extra funds. Unfortunately, there is an ongoing shortfall now that the Trust is involved with the expenses of maintenance work, including grass cutting, tree planting and pathway upkeep for example.  

What happened to the Union Jack?

What happened to the Union Jack?


To help overcome the shortfall, a ‘Friends of the Green’ membership option was launched. Under this scheme, the Trust invites new and existing members to pledge an annual subscription of £10 by Bank Standing Order, or other method of choice. Response has been encouraging so far, and we are now looking at ways raising membership levels to produce sufficient income to meet our obligations.  If you are local resident of Surbiton and would like to support this project go to:   

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Rod Sloane’s Marketing Event

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If you’d like Theo The Magician at your Birthday Party, Wedding, Banquet or Special Celebration call him on 07711 724129 or view him at:


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Neonatal Unit Opening with Incubator bought with £17,000 raised 001Theo’s daughter Elena was in a hurry to come out and was ten weeks early, only weighing 2lbs. She is now seven and the tallest in the class.  Theo was overwhelmed with all the doctors and nurses care and attention they gave his daughter at The Neonatal Unit, St Helier Hospital in Carshalton, Surrey. So, for the last five years Theo has been busy fundraising towards a much needed new incubator through Raffles, Prize draws, Magic Shows, Balloon Modelling, Plate Spinning Workshops and talks at Rotary, Inner Wheel and Probus Clubs.  Yesterday he finally got to say his big thank you by presenting the New Incubator at The Opening of the Refurbished Neonatal Unit.  Theo has now raised over £250,000 for various different Charities.  To see some of his fundraising exploits go to:     and click Press Articles or to speak to Theo The Magician, call him on 07711 724129.